We believe all athletes should be empowered to reach their full potential.

Empowers Performance works to improve athletic performance both physically and mentally to help athletes reach their full potential. Each athlete will receive scientifically based, individualized training that combines our experience training world-class athletes with the latest technical findings in physical training and nutrition.

Empowers Performance’s goal for each athlete is improved performance through strength and power, while also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability. We focus on creating greater functional movement to support the physical demands athletes face in sport. We believe that the human body is designed to move dynamically and work with each athlete to maximize physical ability. Building a better athlete means creating more efficient, natural dynamic movement for sport and life.

We work with both men and women athletes who are dedicated to improving their athletic ability.

Empowers Performance is a full-service athletic training provider. We specialize in programs designed to fully support, enhance and improve the ability of the individual. Our training is specifically targeted towards athletes performing at the elitist of levels, more specifically professional athletes and elite amateur athletes.

With Empowers Performance, athletes are exposed to training techniques and equipment that is among the top tier in the world. We are also able to work with athletes remotely by offering virtual individual training sessions and nutrition consultations.

The decision to work together is mutual and made by the athlete and Empowers Performance after an initial meeting. This is to determine whether the physical needs of the individual athlete coincide with the training philosophy established by Empowers Performance.