Empowers Performance athletes receive scientifically based, individualized training that combines our experience in training world-class athletes with the latest innovations in both movement and nutrition as well as equipment that is among the top tier in the world.

Our goal is for each athlete to improve his or her physical performance through strength, flexibility, and endurance while also identifying and addressing areas of weakness and instability. Because we believe the human body is designed to move dynamically, we focus on creating more efficient, natural functional movement.

Empowers Performance is a full-service athletic training provider; however, we specialize in training athletes performing at the elitist of levels, specifically professionals and elite amateurs.

Although we encourage athletes to be on-site, we are able to work remotely by offering virtual individual training sessions and nutrition consultations.

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Comprehensive Athlete Evaluation

Each Athlete will go through an assessment, which entails a variety of functional progressions to develop and plan the optimal individualized training program. The assessment includes postural, range of motion, soft tissue and movement analysis to determine if the athlete has developed any imbalances or compensations. These observations are used to develop a specific training program to correct these imbalances and compensations, which allows the athlete to become as athletically functional as possible for the upcoming season.

Speed Training

Athletes use speed training to increase stride length, frequency, power, and acceleration for maximized performance.


Agility and quickness are necessary ingredients for success in any sport. Having superior agility and quickness plays a huge role in determining an athlete’s success on the ice by creating explosive movements and the ability to change the body’s position efficiently.

Strength Training

Strength training builds endurance and improves health by increasing bone, muscle and ligament strength and resilience, as well as metabolism. It is not only essential for being a powerful athlete, but it also works to reduce the potential for injury.

Power Training

Power training is an integral part of the training process. Whether its getting from A to B or being able to knock a competitor off the puck, full body explosiveness is achieved when taught to properly execute exercises and movements involved in Olympic/power lifting.

Optimizing Body Composition

Empowers Performance works with athletes to achieve their optimal body fat percentage and muscular weight. Inefficient training and unsuitable diet are the usual cause of unwanted body fat, which can negatively affect athletic performance

Optimizing Fitness Level to Lengthen Career

Being functionally fit is crucial to having a career and making it last. Through the scientifically proven corrective exercise prescriptions and progressions, the athletes we train are given the best opportunity at reducing their risk of injury.


At Empowers Performance, therapy and training go hand-in-hand. There is no substitute for a proper work-to-rest ratio. Each program is based solely on the needs of the individual while being carefully monitored to ensure each athlete’s training is optimized to prevent injuries and realize maximum gains.