Is There an Ideal Time of the Day to Train?

This question is a common one that comes up with both athletes and amateurs alike. Obviously, we all want to get the most out of our training and anything that could provide an edge is always worth considering. So we’ve pulled together the research to determine if there really is an ideal time of the day to train?

The studies have shown there are varying factors that impact physical performance at different times of the day, things like; fuel, hormone levels, pain tolerance, mental focus and body temperature. Depending on what your training goals are there do seem to be some “better times” for training. 

For those who are looking to build strength and power, it’s best to workout in the afternoon, or early evening. The reason for this is that you can train harder at this time because your body has had time to fuel, your body temperature is higher, pain tolerance is lower, and testosterone levels put you at your strongest. This is when PB’s are made. 

For those looking to lose weight or trim fat, working out in the morning before breakfast is best. This is due to the body being forced to use fat for energy when it’s in a fasting state. In addition the body is “jump started” for the rest of the day and will actually be burning calories at a slightly higher rate all day long as a result of the early session.

However, all that aside, the luxury of choosing when to workout might not be realistic for many of us. Just fitting in training at all can often be hard with work and family demands. Remember to keep in mind what’s sustainable and best for your own schedule, and also your personal energy levels. You may just have a preference for early morning workouts, and if that’s working for you then don’t change a thing. As always, make sure you’re always fueled right with PowerUp!