Empowers Performance holds a strong belief that in order to realize the full benefits of a training program, it is imperative that each athlete incorporates a custom nutrition and supplement program.

Nutrition is an often-overlooked aspect of many training programs. Achieving a balance of lean muscle and physical power makes all the difference in performance. In order to optimize recovery from training, each athlete needs to attend to their body’s unique nutritional needs. With Empowers Performance, athletes receive a detailed consumption plan based on individual goals and body analysis. During the assessment, we determine optimal nutrient ratios, as well as energy intake and meal timing. Based on this information, we create a meal plan to help the athlete achieve their personal training and performance goals.

Empowers Performance has created a specially formulated supplement program for high-performance athletes. Scientifically developed by Tommy and his team of doctors and tested by the professional athletes Tommy works with daily, the supplements are an essential part of the nutrition regimen. We devise a precise supplement regimen for each athlete individually to further enhance training and recovery efforts.


Through his hands on experience and knowledge of supplements as they relate to benefiting the body and training regimen of his athletes, Tommy Powers felt there were products necessary to his training programs that were missing from the market. He devised a supplement program to improve the overall health and performance of his athletes.