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Off-Season Training memberships


Elevate Your Off-Season Training

Prepare for success with Empowers Performance's Off-Season Training memberships, meticulously crafted to optimize your performance during the off-season.

Individualized memberships

The bread and butter of Empowers Performance, our individualized memberships feature programming built specifically for you and your needs. We offer two different tiers of individualized memberships, and numerous ways to customize your training.

Empowered Elite

The Empowered Elite Membership is our most popular membership. This is the membership for those of all ages who are looking to take their game to the next level. The Empowered Elite Membership includes the core aspects of Empowers Performance – a beginning assessment and your resulting customized training program, along with frequent re-assessment to track progress and stay oriented toward your goals. The Empowered Elite Membership is offered as both a 5 day per week and 3 day per week training program.

Empowered Pro

This is our flagship membership. It's an all-inclusive package that is designed for serious athletes who want to get the most out of their time at Empowers Performance. Originally designed with professional athletes in mind, we offer this membership to anyone that is looking to gain the ultimate edge on the competition. Included in this membership is a complete blood panel and consultation, customized supplements, daily smoothies, assisted stretching sessions, access to our full recovery set up, customized programming, and more.

Membership add-ons

We believe that every athlete is different and follows a different road to success. Customize your training with us by adding extras to your training plan.

Empowered Recovery Membership

Add access to our advanced recovery modalities including our PEMF mat, HyperMax Oxygen Therapy, red light therapy bed, sauna, and cold plunge. Available in a monthly membership and 10 pass punchcard.

Empowered Assisted Stretching

Loosen up your tight muscles with our trainer assisted stretching performed by a certified stretchologist. Sessions are 25 minutes long and will focus on your desired areas.

Empowered Year Round Support

We want to keep supporting you throughout the entire season. With our year round support we will help you with all of your performance related needs throughout the season so that you can play at your peak all year long.

Comprehensive Blood Panel

Gain a deeper understanding of your body with our comprehensive blood panel through Vibrant Labs. Our custom panel tests you for hormone levels, micronutrient levels, and food sensitivities so that you can optimize your nutrition.

Smoothie Membership

Enjoy a nutritious protein smoothie when you come into Empowers Performance. Our smoothies are made with organic ingredients and high-quality protein. Available in a monthly membership and 10 use punchcard.

Team and small group training

We offer team training and small group training to those who are looking for training in a competitive, engaging, and fun group environment. The training programs are customizable to the team or group.


Our team training reflects the extensive experience that the Empowers Performance staff has training teams in both an off-season and in-season format. We work with you to create a customized training plan that fits the needs and goals of the team.

Small Group

Small group training at Empowers Performance is competitive, fun, and perfect for a group of like-minded athletes that share the same goals. Our coaches will use their expertise to design a training plan that fits the goals of the group.

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North of 494 on the west side of 169, across the highway from Braemar Arena.

7521 Washington Ave S, Edina, MN 55439

Working out at the gym isn't easy. But getting there shouldn't be hard. Empowers Performance is located and easily accessible from all of Edina.

Ensure you are performing at your optimal level with a customized training and recovery program from Empowers Performance.